Every networks have their particular strengths & cons. But betting on betway is the best way to earn cash while becoming pro.

Where do you play to become good? I personally use faceit


If that you’re trying to play face from US you are going to experience a problem finding gamers to line with. Users don’t prefer to wait around every time it is counter-strike time. The strange thing is always that the teamcap choses battlefield with out any sort of conversation with the team. The capitan could very well even stop the match  so long in cases where somebody is shut off, that isnt that great. On the other hand, faceit is zero cost thus you cant be expecting every thing .)


Should you want to ultimately finish up in a league it is likely you will wrap up at ESEA anyhow, nevertheless need to have fun with playing all.

You probably need to play on all platforms to become good. But for now I am going to continue on Faceit haha, because i am a newb right?

Faceit has a pretty decent anticheat as well as good enuf servers. ,

Cash in

Oh well, remember to start esports betting if you want to earn cash whilst gaming. I do it all the time, like winning around 30-50 dollars a day, that is actually not that bad and I only use this site for my betting.

BTW, do you think there will be a new counterstrike anytime soon? Valve havent announced anything yet so I guess it is along time left.





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