Is Nuke Dignitas favorite map?

For the past year, Dignitas have a win-rate of 79.3%! That isn’t as good as NiP’s 96% but it is far better than the rest of high level teams out there.

Dignitas have been performing well latterly – winning EPICENTER and all. CS GO betting sites have a hard time deciding if they should be underdogs or favorites in a lot of matches – as esportslobby have stated a lot of times. I suggest Fanobet guys!

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Regardless – which maps do Dignitas like?

The team have the best win-rate on Nuke as I mentioned. The recent changes to Nuke from Inferno benefited the team a lot.

However, I believe that the two maps that the team are most comfortable on are Mirage and Cobblestone. They have a win-rate of over 60% on both during 2016.

Why would Cobble and Mirage be the favorites?

Dignitas have by far played Cobblestone and Mirage more than any other map (approximately double the amount of time as other maps).

This tells us that they are keen on choosing the maps during veto processes. So even if they aren’t winning as many times as they are on Nuke – they are surely comfortable on them, and that plays a big role in how you should bet!

What maps are they trash on?

Dignitas have a wide map pool, which is always good if you like betting on upsets. Because, they will always a chance regardless of map.

…if that map isn’t Train of course. Dignitas only has a win-rate of 35.3% on Train, and therefore you might consider betting against them on that map. Interesting enough – they are also losing against tier-3 and below teams on Train.

What about Cache…

So here is another betting opportunity. Cache has historically not been in Dig’s map pool. They have a win-rate of 40% during 2016 BUT a rate of 62.5% for the last three months.

This surely must mean that they have practiced on it and can win even against tier-1 teams on that map!

Enough about Dignitas. Good luck and happy betting! I would suggest the fanobet bonus code if you’d never try it.

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